QUEEN Sarah-Joy Ford // Charley Blake Banks   PV____// Friday 17th August 6pm - 9pm  And then by appointment only  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  It has been known:  You are odd, because you refuse to be ignored. You are not strong, but unhinged. You don’t belong to yourself, you belong to the man you have seemed to define yourself and the burn of their ropes by. You pose no threat, retain no integrity and every commodity You cannot be passionate, your greed is inflamed and you are obsessed. There simply isn’t room for you.  Shut up, don’t speak up. Your power is borrowed, not inherent Your time limited, not lavish. You are not active, you are passive You are a receiver, naturally We are fucked Not fuckers Don’t get on top, it’s too personal Unless told, and then I suppose it’s fine. Right? Do you want to know how hard I can really get? I am rock hard, protecting myself. And I can do it all on my own. Without your stumbling, messy, hand-me-down masculinity. You’re behind. But it is me, fucking you. Cutie.  Do you know the truth about Medusa? No? Thought not. There is no tragedy written on these walls, Glory, and the triumph Succubus to the Siren The most powerful pawn, we can indeed move in any direction.  Ripley Wendy Jeanette Jon Benet Reagan Annie Rosemary  Queens, we, adore you.  - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -  In new works, queer artists Sarah-Joy Ford and Charley Blake Banks both present ideas facilitating a more intimate reading on moments of women on screen. Queen looks to re-envision female desire on screen away from the male gaze, outside of the tragedies they are so often commodified and besieged within.  Created separately, these new works attempt to harmonise a common voice. As practicing queer artists, Queen speaks directly to on-screen representations of women both artists encountered when growing up. Using their practices, both Sarah Joy-Ford and Charley Blake Banks attempt to dismantle filmic stereotyping on sexuality and gendered identities. Hazy nostalgia for queer subplots, Queen addresses the need for recognition and necessity to see powerful women in control of their sexualities – even if that means re-inscribing their agencies through art marking. Queen is a direct response to proclaim critical debate outside of bleached ideals on representation of women.  A chance to declare through the in-doctrine, the anxiety and the trepidation on gender difference. To reclaim, and unitedly stamp out the dread of difference. This is the final (time) girl(s).
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